viernes, diciembre 19, 2014

While facing our past mistakes
Projected as some sort of distorted sense
While looking among idealistic dreams
Hidden between lies and romantic beliefs 

While deciding one path among hundreds
Obscure by the indecision of one's desires

There is doubt, a human intrinsic condition
The fuel of our instinctive persecution
Between the faces of moral trust and truth
Double indemnity arises as an indispensable tool
Lying to yourself becomes an irresistible redemption
Indiscernible to humans, insignificant to others, inevitable destruction

Have we become ephemeral beings of unreliable nature?
Abandoned with the bitter taste of accepted failure
Who determines the traces of our footsteps?
Who will save me from death when I choose to stay?

The gods will squirm in their virginal faith
And blame us for our excess of absurd despair 
But I said to them, 
I am not insane, I am just myself

Thanks Caro for the inspirational photo

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